Margaret Sanger, "Introduction to "War and Population" by Harold Cox," 12 Nov 1921.

Source: " Birth Control: What It Is, How it Works, What it Will Do: Proceedings of the American Birth Control Conference Held at the Hotel Plaza, New York, November 11, 12, 1921 (New York: 1921), p. 111."

Sanger introduced Harold Cox during the third session of the First American Birth Control Conference.For other speeches and comments made at this conference, see "Opening Address," "Summary of the Second Session,""The Use of the Pessary," "Comments," "The Morality of Birth Control," and "Closing Remarks"

When we were planning for this conference, we recognized that it was vastly important to bring to this conference some one who would guide our activities for the future. The work that we have been able to do so far in the United States has been to propagate the idea of Birth Control in its relation to health, to individual economics, to woman's freedom, also the historical and the legal aspects of the Birth Control movement. But today, with the great international crisis upon us, it seemed to us necessary to have some one who could tell us how we should conduct our work in relation to the international problem of the work, so I went out to seek the man whom I consider the greatest authority on population, and that is Mr. Harold Cox, whom I take pleasure, and have the honor to introduce.

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