Margaret Sanger, "Bennington Mothers' Club Speech," 18 Jun 1930.

Source: " 200 Hear Talk By Margaret Sanger, Bennington Herald, June 18, 1930."


BENNINGTON, June 18.--

The aims of the national committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control were explained this evening by Mrs. Margaret Sanger of New York city to an audience of 200 in the Baptist church here, when she spoke under the auspices of the Bennington Mothers' club.

Mrs. Sanger declared that the committee is working to prevent transmission of diseases such as tuberculosis and other incurable maladies from mother to child. It favors the establishment of clinics where reputable and accredited physicians may give to responsible mothers such contraceptive knowledge and advice as applies to individual cases. She stated that 40 such clinics are now being conducted in the United States besides practically all the larger hospitals in New York city, where they are conducted by the staff physicians.

Prevention of the marriage of immature or adolescent youths is another aim of the organization and the deferment of raising families until married people become adjusted to wedded life is also advised. The economic question is considered in the aims of the committee, as well as the health of mothers.

Mrs. Sanger declared that Vermont is one of the most liberal states in its laws regarding these matters, although the state Legislature refused to pass a sterilization law several years ago. She pointed out the social problems involved when the birth rate is unlimited in the families of those who are mentally, physically, morally and economically unfit to raise families. She stressed the point that the organization does not advocate destroying life, but the prevention or limitation of the birth rate under certain conditions.

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