Margaret Sanger, "Government Subsidies for Babies," 29 Sep 1951.

Source: " She's Telling the World We Have Babies to Get 3s. a Week, News of the World, Sept. 30, 1951."

She's Telling the World We Have Babies to Get 3s. a Week


New York, Saturday.

Mrs. Margaret Sanger, a leader of the birth control movement in America, said today that the "old British habit" of having babies was placed on a mercenary basis by Government Subsidies. She has just returned from a London meeting of the International Committee on Planned Parenthood.

Presumably referring to the allowance of 5s. a week for each child after the first, she complained that the subsidizing of large families was hampering the objectives of the planned parenthood movement.

"While I heartily agree that food should be provided for babies and small children," she said, "I think it is humiliating to parents to put parenthood on a mercenary basis of subsidies.

"The measly two or three shillings a week is degrading and attracts only the most undesirable parents who have more children to get the miserably low subsidy money which they invariably squander."

"It is certainly a sad commentary if the parents can't earn money any other way."

Mrs. Sanger, who is honorary chairman of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, complained that though food shortages have made British parents more conscious of family problems, they had not produced any increased demand for birth control information.

"I think the Government is short-sighted when it does not stop to consider that Britain is already overpopulated by some 20,000,000 people and that in five or 10 years the children of today will be competing with the adults for meat and eggs," she added.

"From my observations most Britons already are underweight and hungry. They seem to eat a vast quantity of buns for quick energy, but they need eggs, meat and cheese for a balanced diet."

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