Margaret Sanger, "American Conference for Birth Control and National Recovery," 15 Jan 1934.

Source: " Conference on Birth Control Launched, Pottstown Mercury, Jan. 16, 1934, p. 3."

For two versions of the address of welcome gave at this conference, see Birth Control and National Recovery and Address of Welcome, both Jan. 15, 1934.


WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 (AP)--

Before a banner which depicted the blue eagle's lighting bolt warring with numerous storks, Margaret Sanger today launched the first "American conference on birth control and national recovery."

The small, red-haired, veteran birth control crusader predicted:

"the time is not far off when this government will be called upon to face the question of birth control and sterilization as well."

She called attention to the legend of the banner above her head:"Six million children in the United States on public relief. Two birth control bills pending in Congress."

She spoke to a well filled ball room, which had been hung with flags of many nations.

"We can lay at the doors of the opponents of this movement a large part of the misery and poverty arising from the huge array of unemployed."she said.

"If the government will give the same consideration to the forgotten woman that it has to the forgotten man we may rectify the deplorable situation created by our birth rate."

The birth control movement, Mrs. Sanger said, began just 20 years ago, during which time eleven States, six regional and six international conferences have been held.

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