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Margaret Sanger, "Comments at House Testimony on HR 11082," 19 May 1932.

Source: " Seeks Birth Control, Elwood Call-Leader, May 19, 1932, p. 1."

The comments below do not appear in Sanger's Testimony Before the House of Representatives on H.R. 11082 , May 19, 1932.

Seeks Birth Control

Limitation of population is needed at this time "when poverty and unemployment are rampant over the country," Mrs. Margaret Sanger asserted today in urging the House ways and means committee to approve dissemination of birth control information.

Mrs. Sanger commended a bill by Rep. Hancock, Dem., N. C., which would remove long-standing Federal restrictions against transmission of birth control information through the mails. The bill would enable licensed medical centers to disseminate such information.

Today's hearing was the first a House committee had given to birth control advocates since 1873.

Passage of the measure "would directly benefit the large army of women whose husbands are unemployed," Mrs. Sanger said.

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