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Margaret Sanger, "Comments at the Third International Conference for Planned Parenthood," 26 Nov 1952.

Source: " Birth Control Advocate Draws A-Bomb Contrast, Pottstown Mercury, Nov. 27, 1952, p. 5."

For Sanger's speech to the conference, see The Humanity of Family Planning, Nov. 26, 1952.

Birth Control Advocate Draws A-Bomb Contrast

BOMBAY, India, Nov. 26 (AP)

Mrs. Margaret Sanger of Tucson, Ariz., prominent American advocate of birth control, said today it is a shame that mankind can produce atom bombs but is unable to improve on contraceptives.

"We should really be ashamed of the situation," she told the International Planned Parenthood conference . "We produce atom bombs and cannot improve upon modern contraceptives, first used in Holland decades ago."

Mrs. Sanger said she regarded the conference here as the culmination of her life's work. "I am proud of the popularization of family planning ideas in India," she added.

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