Margaret Sanger, "Buffalo Speech Notes," 7 Feb. 1922.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections, S70:0928."

Sanger drew from these notes for a speech given in Buffalo, NY on Feb. 7, 1922 during a swing through upstate New York. For similar notes for a speech given in n Vancouver, Canada on July 3, 1923. Also see notes for First Ohio State Birth Control Conference held in Cincinnati, OH on Nov. 22, 1922.

↑ Buffalo ↓

B.C. Keynote new social awakening--health, economic. Not a new idea Nature} famine floods pestilence war.

Early stages mens evolution. Savagery, barbarism early Civilization} infanticide abandonment foeticide.


Plato exposure elements condemned ↑children [depravity?] ↓ . Aristotle State fix no. of children. Seneca "we [drowned?] or destroy weakly deformed [children."?] Rome reared only healthy children.

Infanticide greatest & most common crime of Western Europe middle ages [down?] ↑end↓ 18 century. Germany 20,000 women.

Threats of hell, torture, punishments did not avail to reduce crime of infanticide. It ceased only when skill in abortion became generally prevalent.

So will abortions cease when B.C. becomes generally practiced.

Definition} BC conscious control birth rate means for B.C. key to greatest human problems reconciling [humanitarian?] to race [improvement?]

Today without B.C. these are ↑not only↓ injurious but dangerous to civilization. Charity today is a crime against future generations.

Two groups effected By B.C.

Small family

Paris 32--116 health Berlin 57--147 culture Vienna 71--200 leisure London 63-197 Education colleges opportunities

Large Family

poverty, disease, ignorance infant mortality slums overcrowding child labor

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