Margaret Sanger, "Vancouver Speech Notes," 3 July 1923.

Source: "Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:1003."

Sanger, who went to Vancouver at the invitation of Laura Jamieson of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Helen Gutteridge of Vancouver's Tribes and Labour Council, delivered this speech at the Hotel Vancouver. She had stopped in Canada on her way to Alaska. No final version found. For similar speech notes, see Cincinnati, OH on Nov. 22, 1922 and Buffalo, NY on Feb. 9, 1922. Handwritten interlineations by Margaret Sanger

↑ Vancouver July 3 --1923 ↓

1. ↑reln Hugo ↓

↑"There is no force in the world so great as that of an idea whose time has come."↓

Birth Control Keynote New Social awakening--health, economic.

Not a new idea. Nature}

famine floods disease pestilence war

early stages mankind (Control through)}Savagery, Barbarism, Infanticide, Abandonment, Foeticide.

Early Civilization Infanticide}

Plato--exposure elements condemned to death children born depraved. Aristotle--State fix no. children pair should have. Seneca--"We drown or destroy weakly or deformed children." Rome militaristic nation living conquest people reared only healthy children.

Infanticide greatest and most common crime Western Europe, middle ages down to end 18th century.

20,000 women put to death Germany torture, later beheaded.

Threats of hell, punishments, tortures availed to reduce the crime of infanticide. It ceased only when skill abortion ↑practice of foeticide↓ became generally prevalent.

Abortions will cease and become unnecessary when B.C. generally practiced.

For B.C. is key to greatest of human problems that of reconciling}

sentiment generosity humanitarianism Christianity Democracy to Race Improvement

↑BC control of the birth rate by scientific means that prevent conception.↓

Biological fact}

Intelligence slow growth Reproductive power unlimited.

Development of sympathetic nervous system, charity, sentiment, rescues disease, feebleminded, weak, erect institutions [one to two words torn] reproduce kind. [three to five words torn] against finest flowering [rest of page torn]

↑Make our bodies holy temples perfect instruments in the service of the Soul we [Survived?] to take its part in the mystery of material being.↓

↑Through B.C. we can remove untold misery for it can free mothers from fear of unwanted pregnancy. It can free children from toil in shop, field & factory. Through it offspring may be conceived in love & reared by the aid of [two to three words torn] humanity's.↓ [rest of page torn]

↑Early marriages--practice contraception. Educate the Educators spread theory.

↑ Holland ↑ practice ↓ clinics.↓

↑ France--Napolean Syndicalists} Well to-do Educated Classes practice B.C. Birth rate less--↓

↑Germany (Marx)↓ }.

↑Paternalistic↓ --

↑ Norway & Sweden} marriage viz death old people. Australia New Zealand--U.S.A. ↓

↑ China Japan ↑57 million↓ India, Russia--birth rate 55%; death rate 36%.↓

↑U.S.A. 1912 ↑coined B.C. word↓ } Knowlton pamphlet Comstock laws--aroused nation--challenged laws--Jail fled to England--Wells, Bennett, Gilbert Murray-- Returned trial-- ↑refused to cease work.↓ Jail sentence 30 days hunger strike--magazine--clinic--circled globe--Japan--Honolulu--South America. 50,000 letters last year--read letters--Society, Church, Science has ignored↓ [rest of text missing] .

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