Margaret Sanger, "Rhythm Method Ineffective," 22 Apr 1935.

Source: " Margaret Sanger Raps 'Rhythm' Birth Control, Fresno Bee/Republican, Apr. 22, 1935, p. 5."

Margaret Sanger Raps 'Rhythm' Birth Control

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22.--(AP)

The Ogino-Knaus "rhythm" method of birth control was declared basically unsound by Mrs. Margaret Sanger of New York, noted advocate of birth control.

Its fault, she said was chiefly one of vitamins, and shock, worry, hunger and change of climate are factors entering into the method which render it unsound. The method was found effective in Austria during the war when the women of that country were under-nourished, she declared.

Mrs. Sanger is confident federal laws against dissemination of birth control legislation will be repealed and urges research in medical schools to make birth control absolutely certain.

Mrs. Sanger is here to visit her son, Stuart.

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