Margaret Sanger, "Is Modern Marriage Conducive to Happiness?," 29 Mar 1921.

Source: " Finds Men Shy in Love Affairs, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Mar 30, 1921, p. 23."

This speech was not found; newspaper coverage was used instead. For another speech of the same title, see Is Modern Marriage Conducive to Happiness, Jan. 19, 1921


"Men of today are more shy than women in their love affairs," said Mrs. Margaret Sanger last night at the Broadway Casino, 790 Broadway. This shyness of men was not evident in the forum that followed her lecture on the subject, "Is Modern Marriage Conducive to Happiness?" All the questions were asked by young men.

"The women of America today differ very much organically from their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers," Mrs. Sanger continued. "They are more temperamental and more fundamental in their primitive desires. They can't bear as much pain as their mothers. All the bubbling, joyous nature of a girl of 18 is but a part of her development."

"A love of pretty clothes and of color is a natural expression. Oftentimes a girl who is deprived of the frivolity of this age by early marriage and motherhood at the age of 30 or 35, shocks her neighbors by doing all kinds of things ordinarily done by a girl of 18. This is just nature having its innings. Women are mothers only to their children. If we lived in a real civilized social state we would make parenthood a great privilege. The last fight of all the freedom of women will be that of freeing her from the slavery of married life as it is at present."

In birth control lies much of the solution for the unhappiness of marriages, according to Mrs. Sanger. Lack of art in love making, crudeness on the part of men, and too early marriages were all given as reasons by her for the failure of many marriages.

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