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Margaret Sanger, "Plans for Japan and China," 24 Jan 1922.

Source: " "Protection Planned at Birth Control Talk", New York Times, Jan. 25, 1922, p. 36."


When Mrs. Margaret Sanger speaks on birth control in the Lexington Avenue Opera House on Feb. 5 she will be surrounded by a committee of men and women who expect to see that she gets a hearing, that there is no unlawful interference and who will be ready to qualify as witnesses in case of trouble. The meeting will be a farewell demonstration for Mrs. Sanger, who announced yesterday that she soon would sail on a three monthS lecture tour of China and Japan. Arrangements were made yesterday at a meeting of those interested in the subject at the home of Mrs. Juliet B. Rublee, 242 East Forty-ninth Street.

"My plans," said Mrs. Sanger, "have been made for a three months' tour of Japan. I am requested to lecture in several universities throughout both Japan and China. There have been during the last year and a half more than twenty-five representatives of the Japanese government who have made world tours, seeking solutions for Japan's immediate problems. I am informed that twenty-one of the twenty-five investigators have returned to Japan with the message that the birth control movement in America has a most important message in the world today and one which Japan should listen to with open mind.

"I am, therefore, invited to come there under the auspices of a group of patriotic citizens. I am informed that there is a great deal of interest and preparation being made for my coming. The Baroness Ishimoto is anxious that I shall give her instruction on how to open birth control clinics for the poor women of Japan.

"I am also requested to go to China, and arrangements are being made by some of the officials who represented China at the disarmament conference."

The announcement by Commissioner of Accounts David Hirshfield that he would investigate birth control along with alleged police interference has pleased advocates of the plan, for they believe that the Commissioner will accomplish what they are trying to do--get the subject before the people.

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