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Margaret Sanger, "Japanese Population Increase," 18 Feb 1922.

Source: " "Birth Control or War, Claim", Oshkosh (Wisc.) Daily Northwestern, Feb. 18, 1922, p. 2."

No complete version of the statement was found; newspaper coverage was used instead.


San Francisco--

"If Japan continues its present increase in population and does not resort to birth control, there will be but one result--war."

This was the declaration today of Mrs. Margaret Sanger, president of the American birth control league, who has been refused a passport visa by the Japanese consulate here on orders from Tokyo.

"If in barring me from entering Japan the Japanese government is signifying its refusal to consider the birth control idea, Japan leaves herself open to the suspicion that she is preparing for war," she added.

"Invited" She Says.

"I was invited by several members of the Japanese government and by the Kaizo group to come to Japan and deliver five lectures on the birth control movement.

"Then, with the aid of Baroness Ishimoto, who is in sympathy with my aims, I had planned to establish a series of birth control clinics throughout Japan."

Mrs. Sanger will continue her trip to the orient. She hopes to be able to enter Japan merely as a traveller. Failing that, she will continue her trip to China and India, where she has lecture engagements.

"The militaristic group in Japan," she said, "is strongly opposed to me and my principles."

A quota of 100,000,000 as the population for Japan has been set by this group. There are 57,000,000 now. They say that with a population of 100,000,000 they 'will have the right to speak in world affairs.'"

"The 'right to speak' as voiced by the militarists can be interpreted but in one way. The power to speak in a way that with their immense population, will brook no argument."

"If Japan refuses to take birth control, if she will not accept it as her national policy, I think her plans and intentions are obvious."

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