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Margaret Sanger, "Fifth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference Statement," 11 Jul 1922.

Source: " American Males Bad Influences, Morning Tulsa Daily World, July 12, 1922, p. 7."

For additional speeches made by Margaret Sanger at this conference see, "Individual and Family Aspects of Birth Control", July 11, 1922 and "Speech to the Fifth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference", July 13, 1922.


LONDON, July 11.--

"American husbands are just big babies so far as the welfare of their wives is concerned, and therefore most of the converts to birth control are influenced in their decisions by the deleterious effect of large families upon the health of their wives." Margaret Sanger, of New York, America's chief exponent of limitation of births, told the International Birth Control conference today.

Mrs. Sanger, who has just returned from a tour of China and Japan said that her Oriental trip had been a great success. The only opposition she encountered, she said, was from the military officials in Japan and the supporters of the Japanese military party.

"The Japanese military men want a large population for cannon fodder for the war which I am convinced is coming," continued the birth control leader. "It is necessary for Japan to find an outlet for her growing population. Everyone in Japan talks war. It is obvious why the military men, who are already making preparations for this war, want large families."

Others participating in the conference include H. G. Wells, the novelist; John Maynard Keynes, British economic expert; Dr. Hornell Hart; Professor Whiting of the University of Iowa and Mary Winsor of Philadelphia.

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