Margaret Sanger, "El Paso Mothers Health Center Message," 21 Feb 1938.

Source: " Message to the El Paso Mothers Health Center, El Paso Herald-Post, Feb. 21, 1938, pp. 1 and 7 ."

Birth Control Clinic on Southside Urged

The El Paso Mother's Health Center board of directors, affiliate of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau of New York, today opened its formal campaign for funds for the second fiscal year.

Part of the fund will be used to open a South Side clinic, Mrs. Charles A. Goetting, board chairman, announced.

The Mother's Health Center at 1820 Rio Grande street, organized under the direction of Margaret Sanger, internationally known birth control advocate, will celebrate the first anniversary April 1 with the annual meeting of the board and contributing members. Mrs. Sanger will be here for the meeting.

The board will have a tea today at the clinic for workers. Membership blanks will be distributed and the campaign outlined by Mrs. J. Mott Rawlings. Workers will seek funds from El Pasoans for the next two weeks.

Mmes. Emma Hensley, resident nurse, and Calvert C. Tucker, member of the educational committee, will give brief talks on the progress of the work.

Mmes. Charles M. Harvey and Maurice Schwartz will pour tea.

Mrs. Goetting will read the following message to the directors from Mrs. Sanger, ill in Tucson, who planned to attend the meeting today:

"Please accept my deep regret on my inability to be with you and help raise money for your campaign. Only doctors' strict orders prevent same. Your report of achievement put many older clinics to shame. Naturally, I am proud of you all because I witnessed your initiation in first battle for motherhood for mothers of El Paso. Your undaunted courage and vision inspires me. I wish more women in this country had your spirit. Can you not get a far-sighted philanthropist in you vicinity to buy a house as a permanent headquarters for your organization to which mothers of El Paso may look as a temple of Hope? Congratulations and best wished for your continued success."

Asks Further Aid

Mrs. Goetting today for the board thanked the doctors who have donated their time, business concerns, for their contributions and "others who have helped the charity to prevent charity."

She asked for continued co-operation "in a project which will lessen the relief burden in El Paso and aid married women desiring contraceptive advice who are financially unable to pay a doctor."

Total number of patients in the clinic since April are 604, new patients advised, 308, and revisits, 365, the board reported. New patients are not advised on account of sickness, pregnancy, or reference to a private physician, 31.

Mrs. Tucker in her talk today emphasized the birth control movement is not an effort to limit the number of children to a one-child or two-child family system.


"It means making it possible for a woman to have the number of children consistent with and in consideration of four things," said Mrs. Tucker. "Those things are: the mother's health, the child's possible heritage, physical and mental, the father's earning capacity and the standards of living desirable to maintain."

Directors include: Mrs. George C. McAlmon, first vice chairman; Mrs. Donald Ratburn, second vice chairman; Mrs. Preston Perrenot, secretary; Mrs. Ben R. Howell, corresponding secretary; George Matkin, treasurer; Mmes. Henry T. Safford, Frank O. Alexander, L. O. Dutton, George Matkin, Mrs. Otto Norwald; advisory board, W. R. Blair, Richard Burges, Joe Evans, Mrs. Bradford Hardie, Fred W. Norton, Louis A. Scott, Mrs. Buleson Staten; medical advisory board, Drs. Arthur P. Black, J. Leighton Green, Gerald H. Jordan, T.J. McCamant, J. Mott Rawlings and Will P. Rogers.

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