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Margaret Sanger, "Chicago Herald Interview," 28 Apr 1916.

Source: " Birth Control Clinic Planned, Chicago Herald, Apr. 29, 1916, p. 1."

For drafts of the texts Sanger used during her American speaking tour in 1916, see "Birth Control (Chicago Address on Women)," "Birth Control and Society," Apr.-June, 1916, “Woman and Birth Control," Apr-July 1916, and "Condemnation is Misunderstanding," Apr.-Jun. 1916.


"Although I am not ready to state the details, it is practically settled that Chicago will have a birth control clinic located in the stockyards district, where poor women who desire information regarding this subject may be accommodated," declared Mrs. Margaret Sanger, the birth control propagandist, to the HERALD last night.

"I am delighted beyond measure at the reception I have received in Chicago, and at the interest manifested by people of all classes in this great subject. I have been fairly swamped with letters from women with large families, and others not in a position to rear any more children at present, requesting literature that will aid them in the matter of birth control. I take this as a sign the women of America are awakening to the fact that in birth control lies the solution of many of the social evils and problems that confront this nation."


Here are some interesting excerpts from a few of the scores of similar letters from women received by Mrs. Sanger:

"I am a young married woman, 23 years of age. I have a considerate and good husband and the dearest little 30-month-old boy. I would like to know a safe and legitimate manner of controlling the size of my family. I wish to have more children, but for a year or two I will not be in condition physically or financially to bear or educate more children. At the same time I wish to be as nearly a perfect mother, wife and loving companion as it is possible for a woman to be."


""Please tell me about this birth control, for I had a bad case with my first baby and would not like to have them come very close. I want more than one, but far apart. I am 20 years old."

"I believe your work is worthy of the respect and help of all thoughtful people, and that general knowledge of birth control will produce a better generation."

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