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Margaret Sanger, "Margaret Sanger Explains birth Control Movement," Aug. 10, 1945.

Source: " Margaret Sanger Explains Birth Control Movement, Daily Collegian, Aug. 10, 1945, p. 4."

Sanger gave this interview to the college newspaper of the Pennsylvania State College in State College, PA.

Margaret Sanger Explains Birth Control Movement

"Birth control is a conscious control of the birth rate by means of preventing conception," Mrs. Margaret Sanger, originator of the birth control movement, gives as her definition of the work she has been doing for more than 30 years.

Mrs. Sanger is in State College visiting her brother Coach Bob Higgins, professor of physical education.

She points out that birth control does not mean to limit or interfere with life, because life is not there to destroy. Many people, Mrs. Sanger said, at first believed that it advocates abortion, which is very far from the idea.

The first organization started in 1921. Now called "The Planned Parenthood Federation of America," it has its own research bureau which is the largest of its kind in the world. It gives marriage counseling to more than 6,000 new patients each year.

Mrs. Sanger said that her first publication, "The Woman Rebel" was published for the express purpose of exposing the Comstock Law. It lasted almost a year, but each copy was suppressed almost immediately after printing. Today the organization publishes the scientific "Journal of Fertility" and the "Birth Control News," which is distributed to its members.

When asked about other hindrances that faced her and the organization, she said that the big trouble today is in getting religious leaders to see the value of this movement and to secure their help. However, many clergymen have helped, and more are pointing in that direction.

Mrs. Sanger said that she has many hobbies, but at the moment painting is occupying her attention. While visiting at the College, she is studying painting under Hobson Pittman, nationally-known artist and summer instructor at the College.

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