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Margaret Sanger, "Seattle Star Interview," 20 June 1916.

Source: " Mrs. Sanger, New York Woman in Seattle Today, Tells Her Ideas on Birth Control, Seattle Star, June 20, 1916, p. 7."

For drafts of the texts Sanger used during her American speaking tour in 1916, see "Birth Control (Chicago Address on Women)," "Birth Control and Society," Apr.-June, 1916, “Woman and Birth Control," Apr-July 1916, and "Condemnation is Misunderstanding," Apr.-Jun. 1916.


"Birth control will make women bearers of a sacred race, instead of bearing machines," declared Margaret H. Sanger, the noted writer and advocate of birth control, who is in Seattle Tuesday to deliver two lectures.

She will speak Tuesday night at Longshoremen's hall, in the Immigration building, on "Birth Control," and Wednesday night on "The Right of the Child Not to Be Born."

"Birth control,"she declares, "is not race suicide. It is a creed to make a strong and sturdy race [and to prevent the propagation of the diseased."?]

Mrs. Sanger came into national prominence a short time ago, when she was arrested in New York city because of the theories of birth control which, she preached. Her case was dismissed, however. She had been in earlier life a nurse in New York city, and she declares:

"I have not only seen the suffering and misery of the unwanted child, but the death of women who were determined not to add one more burden to their already too heavy load."

It is the poor, who, unable to give their children their full enjoyment of life, should restrict the size of their families, says Mrs. Sanger.

At present only the rich do it.

"The question now is," she says, "what are we going to do about it? This is what all of us have been asking for years."

"And I want to tell you what I want to do. It is this:"

"I want to establish free and open clinics in every district in the United States where poverty is rampant, disease is spreading and poor, worn-out working women are overburdened with too many children."

"Let us, as civilized beings, give to these women this help they so ardently call for and are so anxious to receive."

"In New Zealand and in Holland such clinics have been established for over 20 years, and the results have been such as make one wonder why we in this country have not done the same."

"The practice of birth control helps the woman as it also aids the child, helps both to develop toward a better and happier humanity."

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