Margaret Sanger, "Second Marriages," 17 Mar 1924.

Source: " Old Loves Best and Second Marriages are Happiest says Mrs. Sanger, unidentified newspaper, Staten Island, NY, Mar. 17, 1924."

Old Loves Best And Second Marriages Are Happiest Says Mrs. Sanger

Older men make the best lovers.

So says Margaret Sanger, noted advocate of birth control. News of her marriage to J. Noah Slee, 62-year-old millionaire, leaked out the other day.

The two were married in 1922, following Mrs. Sanger's return from her world tour in the interests of birth control. It had taken just a year and a half of eloquent pleading on the part of the elderly millionaire to convince her that she could take up the responsibilities of married life again as well as run a "cause."

But finally, Mrs. Sanger did say "yes" and now the portrait of a good-looking, gray-haired man adorns her desk.

"Second marriages are happiest," she says, "and older men make the best lovers. If you were hunting someone to manage a business wouldn't you want someone with experience?"

"American sentiment has always extolled the young love which promises to last forever and forever. But love is a growth and a succession of experiences. It is just as foolish to promise to live forever as to promise to love forever."

"A man who has given his early years to building up a career is hungry for romance. Every woman is hungry for romance-far, far more than any man suspects. There is more chance of her having the hunger satisfied by an older man than by a younger man.

"An older man has experience back of him. A young man has only book ideals to guide him. He suffers disillusionment when he gets another person within four walls and sees that she isn't behaving according to any of the rules."

Do You Agree?

Mrs. Sanger says:

"An older man has learned what a precious thing affection is. You couldn't take a plant and polie at it, bruise it, cut it and tramp on it and expect it to live. And yet that is what young married people are doing continually with each other's affections."

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