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  • Says Flappers Just Part Of Evolution

    Flapperism isn't a frivolity, says Mrs. Margaret Sanger. "It is a natural step in the evolution and development of women. It is a swing of the pendulum from the Puritanism of the two most puritanical of nations, the United States and England." "From Flapperism," Mrs. Sanger said, "women will develop into dignified forceful citizens. They will be more intelligent, broader. Women are the coming power in the nation, and for a period they will dominate man and be superior to him." "When men see that women have developed superior intellects, they will rise above their standards, and the result will be a higher type than ever before of both men and women." So, Flappers, don't be so carefree! You've got a serious mission to perform of raising womanhood!

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