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2014/07/08 MM 2015-04-10 CH proof tags and enter2015-08-13 CH regularizing doc titles Margaret Sanger 28 Sept 1953 Return From Sweden msp422008 Birth Control Leader Ends Swedish Trip, Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 28, 1953 Sanger spoke to the press on arriving back in Tuscon after attending the Fourth International Conference on Planned Parenthood in Stockholm, Sweden
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  • Birth Control Leader Ends Swedish Trip

    "Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries are much more highly educated in sex matters than America," according to Mrs. Margaret Sanger Slee, who returned to Tuscon last night after becoming president of the International Planned Parenthood federation last week in Stockholm. She arrived by plane from Tulsa, Okla., where she became fatigued from motoring from New York with her Tuscon friend and companion, Dorothy McNamee.

    Outstanding Advocate

    The world's outstanding advocate of planned parenthood declared that Sweden planned parenthood organization has more than 100,000 members, and is subscribed to financially by the king. She said the Swedish nation has backed the organization for many years and with money raised through dues is actively extending the program to Lapland. The planned parenthood conference held great interest in Sweden, she said, and was top news in papers there all week, sharing page one headlines with the Kinsey report on reviews which appeared during the conference.

    Conference Work

    The work of the conference, which was the fourth international assembly of the federation, was to establish a constitution. She said that a legal review of the constitution will be made soon in America by the national organization's attorneys. It will then be available to the public. Mrs. Slee visited cities in Finland, Norway and Denmark as well as in England, and said she was surprised to find her name so well known. She said her task as president of the federation is to "explore" the site of the next conference, which will be held in two years; set an agenda, and raise the money for the conference. Invitations to become host to the next conference have already been extended by Holland and Japan, she said.

    600 Clinics

    From a start in 1916, more than 600 clinics have been launched in America, of which more than 500 are still in existence. Tuscon's clinic is located at 28 East Corral street. Work of the organization and its new constitution will next be discussed in Tuscon by Lady Rama Rau, of India, with whom Margaret Sanger was co-president of the federation during the past two years. Lady Rau will speak before the Sunday Evening Forum Oct. 25. Mrs. Sanger commented that Italy as well as some other European countries have long been known to demographers as a "danger spot," with serious problems in respect to the living space for its population. Ambassador to Italy Clare Luce recently wrote an article for Newsweek and other national magazines that Italy needs a solution to her population problems. Commenting on the article, Mrs. Sanger said, "Mrs. Luce is too intelligent a woman not to already know the solution to that problem."

    Now Practiced

    She said planned parenthood is now being practiced surreptitiously in Italy. A doctor was recently arrested in Italy for giving planned parenthood information, she said, but he was acquitted. "That is a good start," she said "The Italian people are intelligent," she commented, "It is just a matter of getting in there and replying to their questions." Mrs. Slee said she plans to remain in Tuscon for an extended time before she accepts speaking engagements in connection with her office. she has lived in Tuscon for many years at 65 Sierra Vista drive.

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