Margaret Sanger, "Dinner Speech to the Arkansas Eugenics Association," 15 May 1946.

Source: ""Birth Control Seen As Way To World Peace" Arkansas Gazette, May 16, 1946, p. 1."

Sanger spoke to the Arkansas Eugenics Association at a dinner held at the Hotel Frederica in Little Rock. Her speech was not found.

Birth Control Seen as Way To Peace

There will never be world peace until birth control is practiced on a world-wide basis, Mrs. Margaret Sanger of New York city, honorary chairman of the Planned Parenthood Federation, said here yesterday. She stopped in Little Rock to check on the birth control clinic here and to renew acquaintances with Mrs. Ed Cornish, 4816 Country Club boulevard.

Birth control practices need to be taught in Germany and Japan to prevent the two countries from continuing to be the spawning grounds of wars, Mrs. Sanger said. "Women of Japan have requested permission from General MacArthur for me to come there and install birth control centers," she said.

Mrs. Sanger also is director of the world's largest birth control research clinic located in New York city.

Lists Three Objectives

She said the federation has a three-fold purpose: To teach contraceptive practices, to aid sterility cases and to conduct marriage counselling services. Aiding sterility cases is a new program of the federation, Mrs. Sanger said.

"Our organization is not opposed to people having children," she explained. "What we want to do is to teach family spacing," she said. Children should be spaced at least two to three years apart to give the mother a chance to rear the child and to give her a chance to recover completely from the previous birth."

Marriage counseling service is given to aid men returning from the war who find that home is not what it used to be, she said., "We try to prevent them from winding up in a divorce court by aiding in their readjustment," she said. "We aid them not by psychiatry but by applying plain common sense."

She became interested in birth control problems in 1916 and helped to organize the national federation that now has 630 chapters. Mrs. Sanger was last in Little Rock in 1940 and spoke at a meeting here in 1939. She and Mrs. Cornish have been friends since their sons attended Yale University together. Mrs. Cornish has been affiliated with the federation since 1931 and now is chairman of the state organization.

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