Margaret Sanger, "Aboard the S.S. President Wilson," 26 May 1957.

Source: " Dr. Sanger Warns of 'World Slum', Honolulu Advertiser, May 26, 1957, p. A7."

Dr. Sanger Warns of 'World Slum'

Dr. Margaret Sanger, founder of the Planned Parenthood Organization, warned yesterday that America will become "the slum of the world" unless it does something about birth control.

The outspoken 76-year-old champion of controlled population, was a passenger aboard the President Wilson.

The American President Lines vessel sailed at 10 last night for the Orient.

"If we the United States keep on breeding from the lowest, lowest strata of our population," Dr. Sanger said, "we're going to be the slums of the world in two generations."

Dr. Sanger blamed the U.S. Public Health Service for the problem.

"They go into homes and should instruct the parents in the use of contraceptives," she said.

"Religion is the base of it all. And the government is afraid to draw opposition from a segment of the voting population."

"Nehru wasn't afraid," she said.

Dr. Sanger is en route to Japan to confer with Planned Parenthood leaders there.

However, her immediate concern is to see that her two granddaughters, Margaret and Nancy Sanger, learn to know Japan.

Also accompanying them were two teenagers. Barbara Schneiderman and Susan Chambers of Tucson, Ariz.

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