Margaret Sanger, "Planned Parenthood Center of Buffalo Speech," 31 May 1956.

Source: " Mrs. Sanger Reports on Visit to Asia, Buffalo Courier-Express, May 31, 1956, p. 9."

Sanger spoke to the annual luncheon of the Planned Parenthood Center of Buffalo at the Hotel Statler. The speech was not found. Portions of the article discussing other speakers, Lois P. Abbott and Jane Greenberger, and the elections of the Buffalo Center were omitted by the MSPP editors.

Mrs. Sanger Reports On Visit to Asia

Population problems in Japan and India are being met by the governments in a realistic way, Mrs. Margaret Sanger said here yesterday. She spoke at the annual luncheon of the Planned Parenthood Center of Buffalo at Hotel Statler.

Mrs. Sanger, president of the International Planned Parenthood Federation visited Japan and India in 1954 and spoke before the House of Peers in Japan. She predicted that if the present plans are carried out Japan and India will be in two generations "the most culturally and eugenically advanced countries in the world."

Industry's Aid

In India, she said, each medical school will teach the subject of family planning, industry will disseminate all available information to the workers and social agencies are instructed to give all the information possible in their work.

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