Margaret Sanger, "Rochester-Monroe County League for Planned Parenthood Annual Meeting Address," 29 May 1956.

Source: " Mrs. Sanger Offers 'Key to World Peace', Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, May 30, 1956, p. 29."

Mrs. Sanger Offers 'Key to World Peace'

Birth control was embraced by it pioneer advocate yesterday as a key aid to maintaining world peace.

The speaker, Mrs. Margaret Sanger, argued that family planning must be pursued to eliminate overpopulation, a cause of wars. "It is," she said, "the keynote of a new social awakening."

She addressed the annual meeting of the Rochester-Monroe County League for Planned Parenthood in the Chamber of Commerce. About 400 persons--including health and welfare leaders--heard her speak.

"It would have been laughable to talk about overpopulation in this country," she grinned. But, Mrs. Sanger added, not so in Asia.

In 1952, when Japan's population was 90 million, Mrs. Sanger returned to the country to find that her proposals had at least been endorsed by the government and accepted by women.

"They are going about it in a very scientific way," she explained. "In fact, I would say they are leading the world."

"When this work is properly directed, it can relieve untold suffering for countless number of women. It is an essential step we must take if we are to eliminate war and bring peace to the face of the world."

Mrs. Sanger, who had three children, reaffirmed her belief that "many people are parents today who have no right to be parents."

"We believe firmly," Mrs. Sanger said, "that a man who can take care of two children well should not have eight children. But many of them do."

Mrs. Sanger also suggested that young couples wait at least two years before they have children. She said: "They should postpone parenthood until they are sure they are going to be happy so as to prepare a harmonious atmosphere for the child."

The bulk of Mrs. Sanger's address was devoted to her early--and often stormy--work in the birth control movement.

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