Margaret Sanger, "Election of John. F. Kennedy," 16 Jul 1960.

Source: ""If Kennedy Wins, Mrs. Sanger is Going to Quit US, Milwaukee Journal, July 6, 1960, p. 1."

Sanger's comments on the possible Kennedy election were picked up again and reported in the Press after his election on Nov. 10, when she added that she would wait until the end of the first year before deciding whether to move out. See "Mrs. Sanger Staying," New York TimesNov. 10, 1960, p. 39.

If Kennedy Wins, Mrs. Sanger Is Going to Quit US

Honolulu, Hawaii--AP--

Mrs. Margaret Sanger, crusader for birth control, says she will "find another place to live" if Senator John F. Kennedy becomes president.

Mrs. Sanger said she was opposed to Kennedy because of his religion.

"In my estimation a Roman Catholic is neither Democrat nor Republican."

"Nor American, nor Chinese; he is a Roman Catholic," Mrs. Sanger said.

Mrs. Sanger is here on a vacation from her Tucson (Ariz.) home.

She told a reported that a Roman Catholic at the head of the country would "make impossible America's most important contribution to world peace--the dissemination of birth control information."

She is the founder and president emeritus of the Planned Parenthood federation.

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