Margaret Sanger, "Birth Control in Japan," 12 Nov 1959.

Source: " The Reporter, Nov. 12, 1959, p. 10."


To the Editors: In February I visited Japan on my way to India. I met with a number of women who wanted me to stay and help them. As I had not planned to do that I said that I would return. So after I had returned to Tucson and settled up my affairs, especially with my doctors, I went off to Japan, taking four teen-agers, two of them my granddaughters, and their friends. The girls lived in a Japanese home and traveled through Japan, always living in Japanese hotels, and have many Japanese songs that they sing very well.

Japan's birth rate, which was cut down fifty per cent in 1958, is really a great encouragement to all of us. We must not forget, too, that while Douglas MacArthur was in power, he allowed the Eugenics Protection Law to remain, and certainly did not encourage the people of Japan to abolish that law. The Japanese people love children, but as one woman said, "We do not love those that we do not know."

They are doing all they can to encourage contraception and to reduce abortion, but, and it is a big "B" with "but," they have a problem, not as great as India's but still a problem nevertheless.

International Planned Parenthood Federation
Tucson, Arizona

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