Margaret Sanger, "Honolulu Bulletin Interview," 6 Mar 1959.

Source: " Catholic Leaders Called Short-Sighted on Birth Control, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Mar. 6, 1959."

Catholic Leaders Called Short-Sighted on Birth Control

By Tomi Kaizawa

Margaret Sanger, birth control crusader, today accused the "powers that be" of the Catholic Church of "short-sighted, political not religious thinking" regarding planning parenthood.

She asserted in an interview in her Reef Hotel penthouse suite that "the Catholic Church is the only one against us. All the other churches are definitely in favor of our program.

"The Catholics' reasons are politically, not religiously, motivated."

"And members of the church are expected to follow blindly."

"But not all of them do," she asserted and claimed there are "just as many Catholic women subscribing to birth control methods as there are women outside the church."

She noted "mothers--Catholic or otherwise--are all the same. They want to be healthy and have healthy children. Fathers, too, are all the same. They want their wives alive and healthy."

She said it is widely used in the U.S. today with "very few side effects. Occasionally I have heard of a woman getting a headache from it."

"Like all contraceptives, the pill is 100 per cent effective if it's used, not forgotten on the shelf," she stated.

Mrs. Sanger, who has been championing the cause of birth control for over 40 of her 70-plus years, sees the need for more research in getting an even easier contraceptive.

Mrs. Sanger said her interest in birth control was sparked when as a nurse she was "in touch with all the misery unplanned parenthood brought."

"The problem is most pressing in the Orient" she said, noting that results are "very encouraging. The governments take a big interest in the matter. India, for instance, has allotted $10 million toward the program."

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