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Margaret Sanger, "Contraceptive Tea Statement," 08 Apr 1953.

Source: " Mrs. Sanger Forecasts Use of Tea for Birth Control, El Paso Herald Post, Apr. 9, 1953."

Mrs. Sanger Forecasts Use of Tea for Birth Control

Women may soon be able to prevent pregnancy by drinking a cup of tea brewed from a Southwestern shrub, Mrs. Margaret Sanger, founder of the birth control movement, believes.

"Birth control tea is now one of the major research projects," Mrs. Sanger said at the Planned Parenthood Center at 1926 Arizona street.

She arrived here yesterday from her home in Tucson to confer with El Paso Planned Parenthood officials.

Indians Use It

"Birth control tea is made from a shrub called the gromlin," Mrs. Sanger said. "The Navajo Indians have used it for many years. This shrub, a cousin to the forget-me-not, is now being tried out in England, under scientific auspices."

"We think it works by making the ovum resistant to pregnancy. But it is still in the experimental stage.

The tea is one of four new birth control drugs undergoing experiment, Mrs. Sanger disclosed. The others are secret formula pills, hormones, and injections.

Easier and Cheaper

"None of these will be recommended for general use until they are proven effective and harmless," she said. "They may replace current contraceptive techniques providing temporary sterility and making it easier and cheaper for poor people to practice planned parenthood."

Mrs. Sanger said she was amazed and encouraged at Progress made in birth control in Japan and India, where she visited last year. In both countries the governments are financing birth control clinics, India having allotted $1.3 million for the work in 1953, she added.

Japan and India

"I predict that Japan and India will solve their birth control problem before we do," Mrs. Sanger said. "In those countries it is the masses who most need it, who have had no birth control. The present movement reaches the masses."

At last year's international PP conference in Bombay Mrs. Sanger was named president of the world federation for North America, and Lady Rama Rau, who is planning a U.S. visit, was named president for the Orient.

In El Paso Mrs. Sanger was greeted by Mrs. C. M. Harvey, an El Paso board member who arranged the noted birth control advocate's first speech in El Paso 16 years ago.

She also conferred with Mrs. David Price, executive board president, and other officials. She was a guest of Mrs. Charles Goetting, honorary president. The need for erecting a new clinic in El Paso was discussed.

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