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Margaret Sanger, "Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood Statement," 24 Oct 1955.

Source: " Birth Control Parley Meets in Tokyo Today, Chicago Daily Tribune, Oct. 24, 1955, p. 11."

Reuters Wire Service ran a statement by Margaret Sanger, made in Tokyo at the Fifth International Conference for Planned Parenthood.


TOKYO, Oct. 23 [Reuters]

Birth control experts from over the world tomorrow open the fifth international conference on planned parenthood.

Highlights of the conference is expected Friday when an American scientist, Gregory Pincus, will submit a report on a small oral contraceptive named progesterone, which can be eaten like candy.

Red Chinese Present

American Mrs. Margaret Sanger, president of the federation, said the conference would "mark a milestone in man's search for a harmless, simple, and cheap contraceptive, the key to almost all the world's and Asia's population problems."

Among the 500 experts representing 17 nations and territories will be an observer from communist China. Mrs. Sanger said communist countries were not invited to the conference because they have not shown interest in the problem of population.

Wanted to Attend

"We did invite communist China, but that was only because the Peiping regime let it be known they wanted to come," she said.

Others represented at the conference are the United States, Britain, Sweden, West Germany, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Israel, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

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