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Margaret Sanger, "Arizona Daily Star Interview," 14 Sept 1955.

Source: " Margaret Sanger Slee Leaves Today for Conference in Japan, The Arizona Daily Star, Sept. 14, 1955, p. 12."

Sanger spoke to reporters about her upcoming trip to Japan for the Fifth International Conference on Planned Parenthood.

Margaret Sanger Slee Leaves Today for Conference In Japan

By ELEANOR RICE Star Women's Editor

Mrs. Margaret Sanger Slee, energetic and indomitable head of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, leaves today for Japan to attend a conference of the Federation in Tokyo.

At work here before her departure, Mrs. Slee said that more than 100 delegates from outside Japan, representing 14 countries, were expected to attend.

"Japanese leaders invited the conference to be held there to help them influence the government to prohibit abortions and increase and encourage the practice of birth control," Mrs. Slee stated.

"We hope that this will be done by instructing and educating the 50,000 trained mid-wives in Japan."

Another goal of the conference is the setting up of a scientific committee of biochemists, biologists, and gynecologists to develop inexpensive hormone or chemical contraceptives. Studies aimed at this goal are already developing in England and the United States Mrs. Slee said.

The scientists are invited to go to Bombay after the Tokyo conference. There Lady Rama Rau is organizing the scientific group with the hope that an international scientific committee may be formed.

Among the scientist delegates planning to attend, Mrs. Slee said there will be two from Israel, four from England, three from Scandinavia, one from Germany, two from Hawaii, one from Bermuda, seven from the United States and four from India.

A number of interpreters will be needed at this first international conference to be held in Japan, Mrs. Slee commented, although the Japanese hosts have been making a big effort to conduct as much of it in English as possible.

Mrs. Slee's last trip to Japan was in March of 1954 when she went to accept the invitation for this conference. In the meantime she has had close contact with the country in the [personable?] pretty young Sumiko Kato who lived with her last year while attending Arizona College of Commerce here. Now back in Japan, Sumiko is doing secretarial work at the conference and Mrs. Slee will see her on this trip.

She will sail on the President Cleveland from Los Angeles and will have a day in Honolulu en route. The executive committee of the Federation will meet Oct. 20 and the conference is scheduled from Oct. 24 to Nov. 1.

A special dinner honoring Mrs. Slee will be held on Oct. 29. Most of the conference meetings are to take place in the International Hotel in Tokyo. Mrs. Slee said she will be staying at the Imperial Hotel.

She expects to be gone about six weeks, having tentative plans to go to Manila, Hong Kong and Honolulu after the conference. The fact that she just returned to Tucson from Santa Barbara a week ago, contributes to the reason why Mrs. Slee may be called energetic and indomitable and why she is an internationally known figure as one of the leading women of the world.

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