Margaret Sanger, "Around Your Home: Interview With Margaret Sanger," 4 Apr 1959.

Source: " Oriental Art Dominates Home of Mrs. Slee, Tucson Daily Citizen, Apr. 4, 1959, pp. 48-49 ."

Oriental Art Dominates Home of Mrs. Slee


Interesting people just naturally have interesting houses.

And Margaret Sanger Slee is no exception.

She lives in a delightfully unusual house in Catalina Vista, surrounded by treasures she and her late husband collected from all over the world.

"In 1952, I asked Frank Lloyd Wright to design a house for me. He asked 'on how many acres?,' and when I said a 150 by 135 foot lot, he gasped with horror and declined," laughed Mrs. Slee.

"So then I asked Arthur Brown to be my architect. Now, of course, I'm delighted that Mr. Wright declined, because Mr. Brown did a perfect house for me-exactly what I wanted!"

Mrs. Slee explained that she does not care for boxes or square, regular rooms.

"And I didn't want to look out and see the ground. I wanted to see sky, flowers and trees."

H. E. Caffrey was the contractor and Mrs. Slee did the interior decor.

"I just put in the house the things I owned," she said.

And what fabulous things they are! She collected them throughout a lifetime spent traveling throughout the world, as the founder of and crusader for planned parenthood and also as the wife of an oil executive who had lived in the Orient since 1910.

Mrs. Slee's home is of contemporary design, and makes use of such 20th century techniques as curved fiberglass walls and stainless steel mantles. Yet its contemporary simplicity makes it a perfect background for exquisite furnishings and art objects of all ages and cultures.

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