Margaret Sanger, "Mayor Maurice Tobin," 12 Apr 1943.

Source: " "Margaret Sanger Raps Tobin on Birth Control", The Hartford Courant, Apr. 13, 1943, p. 8."

Margaret Sanger Raps Tobin on Birth Control

NEW YORK, April 12.--(A.P.)

Taking issue with remarks made by Mayor Maurice J. Tobin of Boston against birth control, Mrs. Sanger today declared that “Americans will think twice before they start out to duplicate the population problems of Japan, India and China.”

Mrs. Sanger, birth control movement leader and honorary chairman of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., said in a statement:

“The Mayor of Boston is typical of those people who are happy when other people are bringing into the world unlimited numbers of babies but who reserve the right of planning a family for themselves."

“Even before the present war is won, Mayor Tobin is urging the country to get ready for the next one by the very means best designed to promote it. Every schoolboy knows that overpopulation and crowding, with resultant poverty, disease and insecurity, is among the virulent causes of war.”

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