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Margaret Sanger, "Pronatalist Dictatorships," 23 Jan 1923 .

Source: " Planned Parenthood Federation Reports a Successful Year, Chicago Defender, Jan. 23, 1943, p. 17."

Portions of this article, dealing with Planned Parenthood's activities in 1942, have not been transcribed. This article was published in the "Activities of Women's National Organizations," by Rebecca Stiles Taylor.


How do you fit ‘Birth Control’ into a world in which dictators are clamoring for more and more and yet more people?

In answer to this question, Margaret Sanger, pioneer of ‘birth control,’ replied: "I can only answer momentum must now derive its power from some other source than arousing sympathy. The present insensitivity is due to a horror of hovering peril. Man will be swept away and destroyed but when the battered hulls of the various ships of state will emerge into calmer seas, a lesson may have been learned, perhaps, whereby these vessels may be made more seaworthy."

"To have helped carry the cause thus far has been at times strenuous but I have never considered it a sacrifice. Every conscious hour, night and day, in any city, in any country, has brought its compensations. My life has been joyous and exulting and full because it has touched profoundly millions of other lives. it is ever a privilege to be a part of something unquestionably proved of value, something so fundamentally right. Battles over impiety, heresy, blasphemy, obscenity, have been fought, temporarily lost and finally won. Science whittles away at such obstructions little by little. In January 1937 in that same Town Hall, where fifteen years before I had been forbidden to speak, and whence I had been hauled into court, I was honored with a MEDAL."

"Pearl Bucksaid on one occasion, ‘The cause conquers because YOUTH is for you. I have lived in Chinaso long, and know what it is to wait until the OLD ONES DIE and the young can do what is necessary to be done.’”

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