Margaret Sanger, "El Paso Mother's Health Clinic Speech," 30 Oct 1944.

Source: " Good Future Seen for babies Born During War, El Paso Herald Post, Oct. 31, 1944."

Good Future Seen for Babies Born During War

The war has helped the planned parenthood movement, Mrs. Margaret Sanger of Tucson, president of the Birth Control Federation of America, said in El Paso today.

While the war has increased the number of small families with the result that the United States had one million more babies last year than in pre-war times, it has cut down on the number of children per family, Mrs. Sanger said.

“War babies” have a good future, because their parents are younger and have better health and stamina to give them and because in most instances the babies are “wanted” children, Mrs. Sanger said:

“However, we must not overlook the fact that the number of illegitimate children, as well as the number of children in orphanages, has increased. That is a bad result, along with the good, of the war.”

Mrs. Sanger believes world-wide control of population growth, as well as natural resources, must be considered at the peace table conference.

“Scientists of the world recognize that peace will depend upon population growth.” Mrs. Sanger said. “If the peace makers do not recognize this factor, which caused our enemies today to seek more space for themselves, the world will continue in chaos and wars.”

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