Margaret Sanger, "Corning Leader Interview," 13 Jul 1941.

Source: " 'Goal is in Sight' Says Mrs. Sanger, Birth Control Advocate, Corning Native, Corning Leader, Jul. 13, 1941."

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Goal is in Sight' Says Mrs. Sanger, Birth Control Advocate, Corning Native

“Our sweat, blood and tears have not been in vain,” declared Margaret Sanger after 27 years of single-hearted devotion to the cause of birth control. “The goal is in sight.”

This goal, Mrs. Sanger explained, was to make it possible for the “very poorest, migratory slum mother to have easily accessible, the best information about birth control. Already three states, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama, have included the dissemination of birth control knowledge in their public health service.”

Mrs. Sanger tells of the achievements of the birth control movement in a gentle, quiet voice. Today there is about her nothing of the crusader which two decades ago drew down denunciation on her head, waves of praise and denunciation, and to cause her Corning friends and acquaintances to both disown and cheer the native daughter who had become a world figure.

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