Margaret Sanger, "Idaho Statesman Interview," 17 May 1935.

Source: " Margaret Sanger, Leading Advocate of Birth Control, Arrives in Boise, Idaho Statesman, May 17, 1935 ."

For Sanger's speech later that day, see Hotel Boise Speech, May 17, 1935.

Margaret Sanger, Leading Advocate of Birth Control, Arrives in Boise.

Margaret Sanger, dressed in the latest of spring prints with white sports hat and coat, at the Hotel Boise Thursday did not appear to be the crusader who had spent a month in jail and been arrested eight other times, in her zeal for birth control legislation.

Mrs. Sanger will speak at the Y.W.C.A.this evening at 8 o'clock.

"I feel," she said, "that since legislation on birth control is now pending in Washington, the subject should be heard by the voters, both sides of it. At my meeting in Boise I shall be glad to hear objections from any who may be present, and shall try to answer them."

Mrs. Sanger opened the first clinic in the United Statesfor the dissemination of birth control knowledge in New York City. She was arrested, served 30 days in jail, and took her case to the highest court, where she won. At the present New York State, she says, is the only states in which doctors have the right to give this knowledge.

"I find my strongest advocates among the social service workers," added Mrs. Sanger, and when you realize that with 4,000,000 families on relief, there were over 233,000 children born into these homes during the past year, you will see what an economic problem it is. We are trying to help correct the existing misunderstanding of our measure now before congress. It is to amend a law that passed 60 years ago and gives hospitals, clinics and physicians the legal right to disseminate information to correct poverty, overcrowding, child labor, infant mortality and other social problems.

A group met Mrs. Sanger and Mrs. Neil Alexander of Washington, D.C. at Hotel Boise Thursday and there will be another no-host luncheon today at 12 o'clock at the Owyhee Hotel. This is open to any persons interested in meeting Mrs. Sanger and Mrs. Alexander.

Mrs. Sanger will leave Boise Sunday.

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