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Margaret Sanger, "El Paso Mothers' Health Clinic Speech," 1 Mar 1939.

Source: " Immunization Against Pregnancy Aim Of Birth Control Federation of U.S., El Paso Herald Post, Mar. 2, 1939."

Sanger spoke to social welfare workers at the El Paso Mother's Health Center on March 1, 1939. For her talk to the husbands of the clinic's patients, see Talk with El Paso Husbands, Mar. 2, 1939.

Immunization Against Pregnancy Aim Of Birth Control Federation of U.S.

The Birth Control Federation of America is now working on temporary immunization against pregnancy, Mrs. Margaret Sanger told a group of social welfare workers and Mother’s Health Center directors at a meeting at the Health Center yesterday. There were 25 present.

Mrs. Sanger conferred with workers, representing the various agencies in El Paso, on local problems. She discussed the progress of birth control in the United States and foreign countries.

Praises Center

“Immunization for a temporary period against pregnancy is not far distant,” Mrs. Sanger said. “Research is going forward in this field. The Birth Control Federation of America is for this. It will be a wonderful day when it comes.”

Mrs. Sanger said that sterilization of all persons with mental diseases of any kind, of syphilitics or persons with any transmissible disease should be provided for in the laws of every state.

“Sterilization should go hand in hand with any preventive work,” she said.

She praised the work of the El Paso Mother’s Health Center to the social workers and asked for their co-operation with the Center.

California Ready

“California is ready to take up the question of birth control with the welfare workers,” Mrs. Sanger said. “There will be no official opposition. Governor Olson is heartily in accord with the idea. California will do a good work. Tennessee is next.”

Mrs. Sanger said that she recently visited the project in California where 43,000 families are provided for by the Federal Government in a reservation while they are occupied with seasonal labor.

“The asked me to come out there and see about establishing birth control clinics among these people,” Mrs. Sanger said. “I found that clinics of the kind we have here in El Paso would not be possible with this group because of the lack of facilities for a setup. But birth control information will be given to them.”

New Dealer

Mrs. Sanger praised the governmental provision for the families she visited.

“It almost made a New Dealer of me,” she said. “It is wonderful what the Government is doing for those families.”

Mrs. Sanger cited the “new population scare” that by 1960 there will be a stationary population and by 1980, a decline and that there will be fewer infants and children for primary grades while a larger number of older people.

“This means that people living today are taking better care of themselves and will live longer,” she said. “More young people can marry and have two or three children while older ones will have ceased to bear after the second or third child.

Will Survive

“It means that children born in a small family will survive through infancy and childhood and have better facilities for trade schools or colleges. With a stationary population our standard of living will soar upward. We will have an opportunity to assimilate into the American system those who are alive today. We’ll have a lower death rate, less unemployment. There will be fewer hands to compete with the machines for jobs. America is coming into an era where purely physical labor will not be an asset. She needs superior brains, high intellects, more integrity in politics and in administration of public health and welfare activities.”

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