Margaret Sanger, "San Francisco Statement on Population and Famine," 6 May 1948.

Source: " Advocate of Birth Control Sees Famine, Lubbock Morning Avalanche, May 5, 1948."

Sanger was in San Francisco when she issued this release.

Advocate of Birth Control Sees Famine


Margaret Sanger, noted birth control authority, declared today that if the world’s population continues to increase as it is at present it will soon be impossible to feed everyone.

Mrs. Sanger, in San Francisco as the guest of the planned parenthood committee, cited research of the Department of Agriculture to back up her startling statement.

She said the research shows clearly that a definite amount of land is necessary to provide food for a given number of people.

For example, she said, the research shows that it requires 200 acres of good soil to provide sufficient meat for nine persons daily, and another 100 acres to provide 40 children with their daily supply of milk.

Mrs. Sanger urged extensive research in birth control as a means of avoiding overpopulation and the sociological problems related to it.

At an international conference on population and world resources to be held in England in August, Mrs. Sanger will be allowed one day on the program to discuss the need for birth control research.

She said Sweden is far ahead of the rest of the world in birth control education, and that Germany, Italy and Japan are “in dire need” of such education.

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