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Margaret Sanger, "Overpopulation," 02 Nov 1948.

Source: " Too Many People Says Founder of Planned Parenthood, El Paso Herald Post, Nov. 2, 1948."

It is unclear where Sanger was when she made this statement, reported in the El Paso Herald Post.

Too Many People, Says Founder of Planned Parenthood

Mrs. Margaret Sanger, founder of now worldwide Planned Parenthood, said that starvation will face the United States as well as the rest of the world within 10 years if populations are not controlled. She said that food conservation programs are not enough to solve the problem because there are too many people in the world in relation to its food-producing capacity. “It has been estimated that the standard of living in the United States started to decline about 1940,” Mrs. Sanger said.

Food Scarcity in England

“In August I attended an international conference in England on ‘Population and World Resources in Relation to the Family.’ Food and population exports from 34 countries, including five from Germany, give a depressing description of the world food supply with relation to the number of mouths there are to eat it. “England, which is certainly not the worst off of European nations, already has twice as many people as it can feed. In Germany, whose food situation is the worst of any European country west of the Iron Curtain, great masses of people are starving, a fact which hardly ever gets public notice.

U.S. Population Up

“The United States now has just enough land to feed its own citizens. But in the past two years the population made a net increase of 5 million people. We must restrict our population by adequate birth control methods if we are to avoid starvation.

“In the El Paso area, a man making $2500 a year is doing well if he can bring two children into the world and put them through high school. Unfortunately there are many, many instances where families around here have six or more children which they cannot support well. Other people have to support them with taxes, which means that they themselves can support less children.

Center Here 11 Years

“The women of El Paso who have backed the Planned Parenthood Center deserve to have a monument erected in their honor for the struggle they have made to spread the principles of birth control in this city.”

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