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Margaret Sanger, "United States Speaking Tour Announcement," 01 Apr 1916.

Source: " "Birth Control Advocate is on Way to Chicago: Will Explain Doctrine", The Day Book Apr. 1, 1916, p. 8."

Sanger gave this statement in New York, before traveling to Chicago.


April 1, New York

Freed of the charge, in Uncle Sam’s federal indictment, that she sent vile and obscene matter through the mails in her birth control propaganda magazine, “The Woman Rebel,” Mrs. Sanger left here today to visit and organize birth control societies among the women of all the larger cities in the United States.

Mrs. Sanger is on her way now to Chicago, where she will conduct meetings of women, make speeches about birth control and organize a society of women to perpetuate birth control propaganda after she has gone on to other places. Mrs. Sanger will travel west to the coast cities and then east again by another route.

Mrs. Sanger hopes, by stirring up the interest of American wives and mothers, to make their influence cause the repeal of state and federal laws prohibiting the dissemination of birth control information.

In cities where there are no restrictions of this kind Mrs. Sanger hopes to establish clinics, similar to birth control clinics in European cities, where women of the working districts can apply for instruction in birth control. In addition to nurses who can instruct in birth control, these clinics will have a staff that will teach the care of infants.

Mrs. Sanger said before she departed today that no legislative power in the world can keep the women of America from learning and practicing birth control.

“Because,” she added, “it is the logical and sensible and humane thing to do, law or no law.

“No woman should be compelled to bring a baby into the world unless she is physically fitted to properly endow the child with a good brain and body; and unless she is blessed with the resources to rear and educate the child and give it a fair chance to make its way in the world.

“That is what birth control knowledge is for; to show women under what conditions it is best for them to bear children.

“Birth control does not necessarily make for either larger or smaller families; it simply insures, through the mother’s knowledge, a square deal and a fair chance for whatever children are born.

“In Europe, birth control is sanctioned by the governments.

“In the United States it is blindly condemned by law; laws that are lauded by certain influential and prominent citizens who secretly practice birth control while publicly denouncing it.”

Mrs. Sanger was indicted in her United States court here in January for alleged indecent birth control propaganda statements in her magazine. New York society women, led by such well known individuals as Miss Lola LaFollette and others, accompanied Mrs. Sanger to court when she went to plead to the indictment; then afterward caused the case to be given wide publicity.

The government dismissed the indictment against Mrs. Sanger before the case came to trial.

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