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Margaret Sanger, "Indianapolis Statement on Relief Agencies," )02 Mar 1935.

Source: " "Mrs. Sanger Raps Relief Agencies", Indianapolis Star, Mar. 3, 1935."

Sanger gave this statement in advance of her speech to the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center, Birth Control: A World-Wide Need, given on March 5, 1935.


“It is an outrage on public decency, and a breach of faith with the taxpayers,” Margaret Sanger, president of the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control, said yesterday in commenting on actions of relief agencies. These agencies, she said, are encouraging an increase in the birth rate in the families of the unemployed by telling mothers that they will have a quicker consideration if they can report a condition of pregnancy.

Masses Lose Confidence

“It has become apparent to every thinking individual that the masses have lost confidence in the new deal and in our present paternalistic administration,” she said. “The problem that confronts the country is much more complicated than turning out one set of politicians or bringing in another: the men in power refuse to face facts, and one pertinent fact is that improved machinery has reduced the number of workers needed for production.”

Mrs. Sanger is the leader of the largest birth control clinic in the world in New York city and has established headquarters in Washington for the birth control committee on Federal legislation which seeks to make it legal to send birth control literature through the United States mails.

Mrs. Sanger is in Indianapolis to address the Indianapolis Open Forum tonight on “Birth Control: A World-Wide Need,” at 8:15 o’clock at the Kirshbaum Center.

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