Margaret Sanger, "Archbishop John Gregory Murray Statement," 16 Aug 1935.

Source: " "Birth Control Leader Hits at Archbishop", Washington Herald, Aug. 16, 1935."

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Birth Control Leader Hits at Archbishop

Washington, Aug. 16.--

A bitter attack on Archbishop Murray’s order that clergy in the St. Paul archdiocese announce at August 18 masses that communicants may not retain membership in birth control organizations was made here today by Margaret Sanger of the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control.

“If Catholic prelates follow the example of Archbishop John Gregory Murray,” she asserted, “Catholics will have to withdraw completely and irrevocably from civic, public and professional life.”

“Catholics,” said Mrs. Sanger, “will soon have to emigrate from America to some less enlightened country.”

“Every Catholic physician who is a member of the American Gynecological society, the American Neurological society and the obstetrical section of the American Medical Association will have to sever his connection with these professional groups, (if Catholic prelates follow Archbishop Murray’s lead) for they indorse the principles of birth control,” she charged.

Defending the Americanism of the birth control movement, Mrs. Sanger asserted it originated in this country.

“But the anti-birth control movement,” she charged, “takes its orders from Rome. When these orders call for the repudiation of the findings of science, for attempts to impose the will of minorities on majority groups, and for withdrawal from activity in community life, it is time to inquire which line of conduct is the more truly American.”

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