Margaret Sanger, "Japanese Invasion of China," 22 Sept 1937.

Source: " Los Angeles Daily News, Sept. 22, 1937."

Sanger released a press statement in Honolulu after her trip to China was canceled by the Japanese invasion. The complete statement was not found and newspaper coverage has been substituted.

Exponent of Birth Control Despairs of Orientals

Japanese bombs are blowing up Chinese who "should never have been born," and yesterday Margaret Sanger, world-famous birth control leader, sadly, turned her back on her Oriental birth control campaign and headed for Los Angeles. Miss Sanger left here July 24 to carry a birth control crusade to the Orient, long considered a "danger spot" of the world by birth control advocates because of the Orient's failure to adopt birth control.

On Shanghai, where Miss Sanger hoped to drop scientific words, Japanese have relentlessly been dropping bombs.

Yesterday, Miss Sanger was in Honolulu, waiting to sail for Los Angeles on the S. S. Lurline, which arrives at Los Angeles Harbor September 30.

From Honolulu Miss Sanger sent these comments: “Population pressure is a cause of war, and Japan, Italy and Germany, through failure to control their birthrates, are justifying predictions that they would become the world’s ‘danger spots’.”

Hostilities halted Miss Sanger's campaign to help curb overpopulation among the Chinese and Korean masses, but she nevertheless carried out extensive propaganda in Japan.

“Japan had 64,000,000 persons when I was there in 1922, and since then the population has increased steadily from 800,000 to 1,000,000 a year,” she said. “But despite the annexation of Manchukuo, Japan is still land-hungry. It has become, with Germany and Italy, a destroyer of civilization through ruthless waging of arrogant warfare against innocent, peaceful peoples.

“All these nations refuse to control their birthrate, and they refuse to give to women the simple knowledge that could save the lives of untold thousands of women.

“Women’s progress in Japan has been retarded- the women have not been able to maintain the advances they had made as far back as 1922. Reactionary forces, soon after the earthquake, set up a strong, bureaucratic, militaristic government, and since then women have not been allowed the natural freedom of evolutionary progress. Women are not granted degrees in their colleges and universities, and of all the women who have been allowed to attend medical universities, only 16 have been granted medical degrees, through ‘special dispensation.’”

Miss Sanger praised the action of the Chinese Medical Association, in urging recognition of contraception as a part of public health, as an "outstanding event."

“In Japan,” she said, “a campaign of public health is just raising its head, and a new health institute which will provide an opportunity for mothers in outlying districts to receive medical aid, but not birth control aid, will open next year. But one can never foresee what may happen in a militaristic country, and so the future is still dark and overclouded.”

Mrs. Sanger sailed on the S. S. Hoover with a broken wrist, suffered when she fell on a stairway. Passengers, she said, were disappointed to find that it was not a war casualty.

Mrs. Sanger Assails ‘Population’ Nations

She Cites Japan as a Present Aggressor That Has Refused to Limit Its Births

Population pressure due to lack of birth control has made Japan, Italy, and Germany menaces to world peace, Mrs. Margaret Sanger, birth control leader, said in a letter made publish yesterday by the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, 17 West Sixteenth Street.

Mrs. Sanger, returning from a tour of the Far East interrupted by Sino-Japanese hostilities, is expected to sail from Honolulu for Los Angeles on Saturday.

“As far back as 1925,” she wrote, “Professor Warren Thompson, in his brilliant analysis of the population problem, named Italy, Japan and Germany as ‘danger spots’ of the world. Japan is fulfilling that prophecy, and not only are these countries the danger spots of the world, but they are the destroyers of our civilization through their ruthless method of waging arrogant warfare against innocent, peaceful peoples.

“All of these three nations refuse to control their birth rates and they also refuse to give to their women and to their mothers the simple knowledge which could save the lives of thousands upon thousands of these women and avoid the destitution, misery and enslavement of large masses of their population.”

Mrs. Sanger said Japan “is keenly disappointed over the natural resources of Manchukuo and is still land-hungry.”

The most encouraging featuer of her trip, she said, was the gathering to celebrate the opening of the first modern birth control clinic in Japan, under Baroness Ishimoto.

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