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Margaret Sanger, "Organization of Birth Control Clinics," 10 Dec 1935.

Source: " Birth Control Propaganda, The Times of India, Dec. 11, 1935, p. 7."

This is a summary of Sanger's speech to the Calcutta branch of the Indian Medical Association. Mrs. Soudamini Mehta presided over the event.


Disorderly Scenes at Calcutta Meeting

CALCUTTA, December 10.

“Birth control is the signal of the new social awakening. It has a great significance not only over individual life, but also on the communities and the nations of the future,” said Mrs. Margaret Sanger addressing a public meeting at the Albert Hall last night.

Replying to the question whether they should practice “Brahmacharya” or have unlimited indulgence Mrs. Sanger pointed out that the birth control movement as every other movement had its good and evil sides and those who desired might have spiritual peace and happiness through it.

Asked why Italy and France were putting a premium on birth control instead of controlling it Mrs. Sanger said:"Italy is trying to increase her population to make them food for gunfire, but as to France her birthrate is much lower than that of Great Britain.”

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