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Margaret Sanger, "American Medical Association," 14 May 1936.

Source: " Regulation of Families Seen as Possibility, Jefferson City Post-Tribune, May 14, 1936."

This is a summary of Sanger's press conference in Washington, DC on May 14, 1936.


Margaret Sanger, Birth Control Advocate, Reports Discovery That Will Simplify Problem


Mrs. Margaret Sanger returned from a tour of Asia today with a new formula for regulating the size of families for 25 cents a year.

Mrs. Sanger hopes the formula eventually will be the answer to present bans against disseminating birth control information.

It may also, she said, be “the answer to the social workers’ prayers,” and to refusal of the American Medical Association to help change the laws.

Keeps Formula Secret

“I have tried for 20 years to corral people into their doctors’ offices to learn about birth control because as a trained nurse I have always believed that birth control is individual and that each woman should consult her physician on her own needs,” Mrs. Sanger said.

If the doctors refuse to see that present laws force people to consult “bootleggers” of birth control information then they must expect people to go elsewhere, Mrs. Sanger said.

Assails A.M.A.

“The doctors who made that report possibly have adequate information for their private practice,” she said. “Their patients can get advice and equipment. They probably have not seen enough of the poor in hospitals. If the medical profession had met its responsibilities in this respect, the A.M.A. committee could not complain that the educated class is not producing itself while the poorer classes are over-producing.

When the A.M.A. committee says there is no evidence that present laws, federal or state, have interfered with“any medical advice which a physician has felt called upon to furnish his patients, they should remember that within two years, two doctors and two nurses in the New York birth control clinic were arrested, and that last week in Washington, the scientific contraceptive exhibit of the District of Columbia Medical Association was stopped," Mrs. Sanger said.

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