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Margaret Sanger, "Happy Marriages," 01 Nov 1935.

Source: " Secrets of Happy Marriage, Times of India, Nov. 12, 1935, p. 6."


Mrs. M. Sanger on Birth Control

LONDON. November 1.

To tell the world some secrets of a happy marriage is the object of the tour of thousands of miles, which is being made by Mrs. Margaret Sanger, President of the Birth Control International Information Centre, one of the best known women of America. She will be the guest of the chairman of the All-India Women's Conference.

She told your correspondent why it is often wise to marry early - at 18 or 19. She believes that the only child is a tragedy, especially for the child. An interval of three years between each child she found ideal.

“It is best if young people are encouraged to marry early, but to take time before they being to have children,” she said. “In the first place they should get acquainted with the plan of that adjustment, which is so important in a marriage. I am quite certain of one thing - these early marriages and the adjustment period will reduce the enormous number of divorces in America. I wonder if economists have never realised the good thing young marriages are for industry. They mean more suited furniture bought, more radio sets and baby-carriages etc.”

She added that she was not going to India to persuade everyone to have a small family, but rather to convince the people of the desirability of having families of the right size and of the right quality.

She argues that, although birth control may not solve population problems, it does contribute to the health, happiness and mental poise of an individual and families.

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