Margaret Sanger, "Oklahoma Junior League Speech," 23 Nov 1933.

Source: " "Mrs. Sanger Cites New War Danger", Oklahoma News, Nov. 23, 1933."

No final version of this speech was found. For a possible draft version see "My Way to Peace," Feb. 19, 1932.

Mrs. Sanger Cites New War Danger

Two danger spots in the world today are threatening peace, Mrs. Margaret Sanger, birth control advocate, said in an address to 500 members of Town Hall, Junior League lecture series, today in the Biltmore Hotel. Japan has already burst her bounds and taken Manchuria. The next will be Italy, which is boosting its birth rate just as Japan did, she said.

“Within 10 years,” Mrs. Sanger said, “Italy will march into Europe to prove that ‘might makes right.’ Population explodes just like steam in a boiler. Uncontrolled there is no way in the world to prevent revolution and war.”

“Our world today,” she said, “is in the same condition in reference to its ignorance of birth control as was the old-fashioned quack who tried to cure cancer by burning off the top. We are not striking at the roots, and until we curb our ever increasing population, we can never hope to find national recovery.”

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