Margaret Sanger, "Daily Oklahoman Interview," 22 Nov 1933.

Source: " Advocate of Birth Control Praises Congressmen's Work, Daily Oklahoman, Nov. 23, 1933, p. 7."

Advocate of Birth Control Praises Congressmen's Work

Visitor Here Says Representatives Do As People Back Home Wish.

Praise for congressmen--of all things--came from the lips of Mrs. Margaret Sanger, international birth control advocate, on her visit to Oklahoma City Wednesday.

With men even running for congress on a platform calling for the abolition of that division of government, Mrs. Sanger sounded a new note when she volunteered the observations that Oklahoma's representatives really are working at the job of representing their constituents.

And that coming from a woman who knows more about the antics of congress than Winchell does of keyhole peeping is classed in this section as "something."

“It has been my observation that Oklahoma congressmen follow the dictates of their people back home. The fact that they even know what the desire of the people is becomes remarkable in itself, because those from the so-called ‘older sections’ don’t even know who their constituents are,” declared Sanger.

On birth control, Mrs. Sanger’s study shows Oklahoma is "rather indifferent."

The birth control exponent will speak Thursday at 11 a.m. in the Biltmore hotel before the Town Hall, sponsored by the Junior League.

"But you are going to see a change. Birth control is the one issue left this generation of youths, who have had everything done for them."

"They settled woman’s suffrage for them, changed this law and that and with prohibition repeal voted, only the bewhiskered law against disseminating of birth control information on the statute books for 60 years, remains for them."

“My correspondence from Oklahoma is interesting in that it shows the farm women, those in poorer circumstances, are becoming slowly interested and are apt to take a hand."

“We worry about the farmer who is worrying about a crop failure and give him relief– yet the greatest worry, and none can challenge this statement, of the farm woman is pregnancy."

“We aid the unemployed, realize that hundreds of thousands of them will never find work, will always be poor– and yet more and more children are being born into exactly those circumstances, with no more hope for them than the doomed of today,” she declared.

With a smile that flashes brilliant and fades to reappear again, Mrs. Sanger quickly proves she is not a radical. Fanatics, whom she consider

“All I ask is an understanding. That is all I want to do in this visit. Getting a clear understanding will do much more than attempting to force any doctrines.”

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