Margaret Sanger, "Archbishop John Gregory Murray Statement," Oct 1935.

Source: " From Mrs. M. Sanger, U.S.A., Birth Control News Oct. 1935, p. 18."

For two similar statements, see Archbishop John Gregory Murray Statements, Aug. 16, 1935 and Aug. 20, 1935.


From Mrs. M. Sanger, U.S.A. “If Catholic prelates follow the example of Archbishop John Gregory Murray, Catholics will have to withdraw completely and irrevocable from civic, public, and professional life,” said Margaret Sanger, commenting on the recent news that Archbishop Murray has instructed the clergy of the St. Paul Archdiocese to announce at all masses on August 18 that “no individual or group may accept or retain membership in any organization recognizing or supporting birth control or sterilization, and that persons employed in any position that involved co-operation effecting birth control must withdraw from such employment.”

“Follow Archbishop Murray’s orders to their logical conclusion, and what have we?

“Every Catholic physician who is a member of the American Gynecological Society, the American Neurological Society and the Obstetrical Section of the American Medical Association will have to sever his connection with these professional groups, for they endorse the principles of birth control. In the field of social work, every Catholic member of the New Jersey State Conference of Social Work, of the North Carolina Conference, and the Vermont and Arkansas Conferences will have to withdraw and forfeit the benefits that come from contact with co-workers. And all Catholic social workers in these states, presumable, will give up their positions. Any Catholic who belongs to the California Parent Teacher Association must resign; likewise Catholic parents and teachers of the Indianapolis P.T.A. Catholic members of the Virginia and Utah State Federations of Labour must walk out, and among business men, who see so clearly the value of fellowship, the Catholic members of the Rotary Club of Tacoma, Washington, to cite one example, must ask to have their names removed from the roster. Six state groups of Business and Professional Women--Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Nevada, and Tennessee-- would find themselves without their Catholic sisters. Need one elaborate?”

All these groups have placed themselves on record in favour of scientific birth control and in support of birth control legislation. They are some of 700 organizations, religious, educational, political, social and medical--with membership totaling into the millions--which have taken such action.

“Does the Archbishop propose that intelligent Catholic doctors, social workers, parents, business men and club women should actually withdraw from all the affiliations represented by these 700 groups?” asked Mrs. Sanger. “And what orders does he give to the thousands of Catholic women who avail themselves of birth control services t birth control clinics. The report of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, New York, for 1934, shows that of the 5.515 patients, 24% were Catholic. These figures are typical. A study of 10,000 cases at the same clinic over a period of nine years showed that 26.1% were Catholic.”

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