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Margaret Sanger, "Population and War," 17 Sep 1935.

Source: " Dictators Seen as Nearsighted by Mrs. Sanger, New York World Telegram, Sept. 17, 1935."


“Dictators have no use for birth control because they are near-sighted,” said Margaret Sanger today, shaking her roan colored hair. “They seem to realize that constantly increasing populations are potentially the strongest cause of war.”

Mrs. Sanger, vivacious and good-humored after 21 years of fighting for the spreading of knowledge about birth control, today accepted an invitation from the All India Women’s Conference and plans to sail next month to establish clinics and bureaus in India.

Real Basis for War.

“As a result of unlimited increase in population in Italy,” said Mrs. Sanger, “Mussolini is eager to gain new colonial territory in Africa for his overflow. That’s the real basis for the Ethiopian situation.”

Mrs. Sanger told her plans at the office of the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control.

“We’re getting ahead fast,” she said. “In the future, and not very far into the future either, birth control will be effective through immunization. It will run for a half year depending on the dosage, just as small pox is staved off. But we still have a long way to go. “

India’s Population Jumped.

“The population of India jumped from 318,000,000 in 1921 to 352,000,000 in 1931. And they still kill girl babies and many widows still commit suicide on their husband’s funeral pyres. What is to become of poor India? Well, I’ll see about that.”

Mrs. Sanger disclosed that records of the New York clinic show that of the thousands of persons who asked for birth control guidance there had been only two per cent of failure for technical reasons and five percent for human reasons in the system taught.

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